Edinburg Edge is For Sale

Edinburg Edge July 29, 2018
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Edinburg Edge is for sale, along with sister site What McAllen.

My son Adam was born in McAllen in April, and he’s spent most of the time since then in a hospital in Houston. He has several conditions that will require specialized, long-term care. My wife and I quickly decided to move there to make sure he has access to everything he needs. We quickly gathered our belongings and moved at the end of June.

Since I no longer live in the area, it is time for someone else to continue the important work of supporting this growing city.

Here is a brief summary of what is for sale:

  1. Full ownership of What McAllen and sister site Edinburg Edge, including the names, logos, domain names, social media accounts, official email accounts (team@whatmcallen.com and edinburgedge@gmail.com) and websites.
  2. UPDATE 12/10/18: Since these websites are still available and we’re already closing in on the end of the year, I’m including paid web hosting for both sites for the entirety of 2019. After December 31, 2019, I will help you move both sites to a new web host or can continue to host both websites (and the team@whatmcallen.com email) on my server for a monthly fee.
  3. The buyer will be given ownership and/or administrative rights to all social media accounts and logins and passwords for other existing accounts (I will remove myself as an admin of all social media accounts).
  4. The buyer will receive a link to a shared Dropbox folder containing logos and other archived files for Edinburg Edge and What McAllen.
  5. I will provide training on how to add events to the website calendar and blog, for up to one hour per week for the first six weeks after the sale date, at times that are mutually agreeable.
  6. Both domain names will be transferred to your ownership within a few days of the sale.

The websites are available individually or as a package deal. Contact me ASAP for pricing.

If you are interested, please contact us via direct message on social media or email us at team@whatmcallen.com or edinburgedge@gmail.com. I would like to get this done as soon as possible so that both sites can continue their missions to serve their respective communities.

Thank you,

Tom DeRosa, Edinburg Edge and What McAllen Co-Founder

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